Why to invest ?

About Gold Gold has been considered the most precious and highly-valued metals since prehistoric times. The use of gold as a means of exchange as well as for ornamental and ritualistic purposes has made it one of the most highly prized substances known to man.


The current high prices of precious metals make clear that the popularity of precious metals remains unbroken. In view of immense national debt in some countries, investors all over the world continue to lose confidence in paper currency. When faced with negative headlines, they tend to pull out of traditional investment products and invest instead in precious metals.
The dwindling trust in the ability of some governments to pay back the national debt, the fear of further bank or institutional collapses, threat of world economic ruin, increase of the money supply through the Central Banks are driving cautious investors to stable valued investments like precious metals.

VAT is not applied to purchases / sales related to investment gold.

Gold Business Time provides a selection of the most popular gold and silver bullions and coins investment products certified by one of the world leading gold bullion refinery ; Metalor. All of our products are approved Good London Delivery (GLD) and certified by the Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

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You must be legally authorized to conclude validly a transaction of purchase, worth knowing to have reached the age of the legal majority and to have the legal capacity (be neither under guardianship nor guardianship).
Identification of the economic assignee: every person commanding for at least 25 ' 000 Swiss francs has to fill with accuracy the form LBA, accompanied with a certified true copy of its ID card (or of its passport) of current validity (copy of the extract of the commercial register in more for companies).
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