For more than twenty years, our company has extensive experience in buying watches Swiss watch brands, jewelery and mainly high-end precious metals.


Our shops and jewlery from Geneva to Zürich enable us to respond to all requests, intelligence, contact, making appointments or even moving home.

We are committed to providing quality service that matches your expectations. All our staff are trained in our business to satisfy you fully.
In collaboration with jewelers and watchmakers qualified Gold Business Time offers different services: creation, maintenance, restoration, polishing, buying, selling, consulting,insurance value, in a warm and friendly atmosphere in the heart of Lake Geneva.

We also offer secure services over the Internet, where all our products are posted daily. The photos taken at our premises by professionals are not retouched in any way so no surprises when shopping. A qualified interlocutor is at your disposal 6 days 7 to answer all your questions.

Our commitment to offer you prices defying all competition with a two year warranty on all our products.

We want all your watches

You may be a hidden deep in your drawers unknowingly have treasure, so we invite you to spend at one of our branches, Genève 1 Rive droite, Genève 2 Rive gauche, Nyon, Lausanne 1, Lausanne 2, Vevey, Montreux, Bulle, Bienne, Fribourg, Basel, Zürich, Lucerne, Yverdon, Monthey, Martigny, Uvrier, Sierre et Bureau Mobile to estimate its value. You can also send us a photo or photos of your watches and other products by

We shall inform you accurately, quickly and efficiently.
Several choices are available to you in a transaction. We can pay cash or by bank transfer to a direct purchase of your products, take your consignment to ensure the sale or exchange for you and according to your wishes. All transactions are made in the rules of art with invoice and warranty certificate.
If you do not have the ability to move through our one of our Jewelry & T
imepieces, we are able to send you the model chosen in one of our branches.
The worldwide reputation of Swiss watchmaking and its timepieces have opened our business to clients abroad (United States, Asia, USA ...), to their great satisfaction.
Its headquarters are located in Nyon, the GBT Team will be happy to welcome you in optimal conditions to guarantee the best service.
GBT has built a reputation for fifteen years and a reputation far beyond our borders Helvetic.

Our ambition is still to evolve the complete satisfaction of our customers.